Steve “Discourse” Held is a political advocate, thought leader and radio producer. Based in Washington, DC, Steve utilizes media platforms to engage and empower people on the political issues that impact their lives, with particular emphasis on anti-racism education. His current project “The White Savior Complex” examines white identity in the United States and the role of white people in anti-racist work. Steve is also a regular political commentator on the daily news show The Kelly Wright Show. Keeping his radio skills sharp, Steve serves as affiliate producer for the top rated Russ Parr Morning Show. His radio career began in 2011 at WRGP FM in Miami as host of Fire for the People, a weekly show examining political issues through the lens of HipHop culture, featuring conversations with musicians, journalists, community organizers, and academics.

Steve is also a dedicated policy advocate and change agent. Through canvassing, outreach and other roles, he has contributed to several policy wins both in Florida and Washington DC. His original research at the Research Institute on Social and Economic Policy catalyzed policy change at both county and state levels. He has presented his work at the American Anthropological Association annual conference.

If all that wasn’t enough, he is a builder at heart. His love for carpentry and craftsmanship overlaps his passion for community building and economic justice through his efforts to introduce youth of all ages to careers in building trades