The White Savior Complex

The White Savior Complex is a podcast that explores white identity, and empowers white allies with the knowledge and tools they need to help end racial violence and discrimination. Episodes are live NOW! (coming soon to all podcast platforms, so bear with me!)

Ugh Everything's Racist! White Savior Complex

These days it seems like EVERYTHING is about race. And it is! While it can feel overwhelming, the number and variety of ways everything is about race these days, its important to pause and to recognize the ways we ourselves may be used to reading race into things without ever realizing it. It can be as simple as they way we respond to a play like James Baldwin's The Amen Corner.
  1. Ugh Everything's Racist!
  2. Olympic Racism: Disqualifying the Black Body
  3. Juneteenth, Critical Race Theory and Teaching Anti-Racism with Clifford Cartel
  4. Apartheid in Palestine, with ANSWER Coalition's Richard Becker
  5. Tim Scott, Is America a Racist Country?

What’s the Deal???

What’s the Deal??? is a weekly news and current events podcast hosted by Steve Discourse and Jay Calli. In addition to covering the week’s most important topics, we feature in-depth conversations with community organizers, policy makers, activists, and more.

Swim-Up Strip Clubs: the Silver Lining of Climate Change What's the Deal???

  1. Swim-Up Strip Clubs: the Silver Lining of Climate Change
  2. BACK UP! The People Need Space
  3. Amazon WILL Match Your Face to a Mugshot

The Knew Deal speaks!

The concept of “the Knew Deal” began as a hashtag idea for Steve Discourse to distinguish his political commentary on Instagram. Later, for a brief flashing moment, The Knew Deal became a podcast… ONCE. But it was a hell of an effort! The episode focused on the debate over Initiative 77, to raise the minimum wage for tipped workers in Washington, DC. The podcast never returned, but the initiative passed! Check it out below and follow #Knewdeal on social media for more content!

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