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New Joint: Purpose and Confidence

When producer Confidence teams up with an emcee, the result is always an Unstoppable jam! So here’s another new release from the duo’s upcoming project “The Purpose of Confidence.”

HipHop heads, Feast!

Playlist- 8/28/12

Today on Fire for the People, we played all these jams:

Stay tuned for the archived episode and if you are feelin any of these joints, by all means hit up the web and buy and/or download them all!

Longshot- Lazy Dayz
Bodega Brovas- Now or Never
DJ Nu-Mark- Our Generation
Yirim Seck- Crescendo
Gensu Dean- Wantchu
Purpose and Confidence- Vision of Excellence
Brother Ali- 4th King
Murs, Fashawn- Slash Gordon
Dysfunkshunal Familee- Run Around
Tanya Morgan- Whatever Thats Mine
BPos- Unite Tonight
Reks, Numonics- Unlearn
Ron Artiste (Roc C and Chali 2na)- Ron’s Theme
JR & PH7 ft Sean Price, Skyzoo- Until Its All Said and Done
Gliffics- Burgundy Walls
Action Bronson- Cocoa Butter
Do Dat- Ruby Ebony Ivory
Rashad and Confidence- Days of My Youth
Harn SOlo- The Grind
Mally and SUndance Kid- Take Off
Kendrick Lamar- Swimming Pools
Open Mike Eagle- Freewriting Exercise
Gotham Green, Quickie Mart- Everything
Fleeta Partee- DIRTYRUGZ
Nitty Scott, MC- Work (grustlin)

Why YOU won’t be able to vote this November

Have ya’ll been listening to the news the last several weeks? Politicians (especially Florida Governor Rick Scott) have been ramping up efforts to deny citizens the ability to vote this year. The tactics being implemented disproportionately affect minority voters and also seem to target swing states where a lack of minority vote could possibly swing a state to the other side of the political divide. These officials argue they are fighting voter fraud, but research shows that voter fraud is very rare (less than 3% has been the commonly reported number). Some pundits claim that these tactics are aimed at limiting Black and Hispanic votes in order to get an advantage over the Obama campaign. Check out this story from

Interview: Rashad and Confidence

If you haven’t heard The Element of Surprise yet, you’ve been missing out on a modern reincarnation of classic HipHop spirit. Rashad and Confidence met through MySpace to bring it back all the way to the early 90’s. The Element of Surprise is destined to be a classic album and will be bumped from front to back for decades to come!

Apologies for the abrupt start to the interview. My first question noted that Rashad is from NYC and Confidence is from Philly: so how did they meet?

Welcome to Fire for the People

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Peace, salud, cheers ya’ll

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