BACK UP! The People Need Space

Yeah we’re back once again! This week’s stories all cover a similar theme: people are stressed, budgets are tight and we need some breathing room!

Brooklynites storm the subway over policing.

San Franciscans take over the BART platform over a sandwich arrest.

Chicago Mayor gives folks a break on their water bills, other citations.

And a glimmer of hope??? The rise of the 4-day work week!!!!

Finally, we talk with homeless families advocate Jewel Stroman on the needs and obstacles facing folks in transition!

What If Bernie Sanders was a Black Parent

ONE of us is BACK with an exciting episode this week! Tune in to find out who. Guest hosting is Dominique Lamb, DC based non-profit owner and real estate broker. She has an awesome new podcast called “We Teach Love” (on most podcast platforms) dedicated to proactively teaching the right ways to love in all our relationships (not just identifying the warning signs of harmful relationships).

Dominique and Steve are currently developing a podcast (set to launch early 2020) that explores EVERYTHING real estate. Not just everything related to individuals buying and selling homes, but EVERYTHING like the historical trends of home ownership and racial redlining, how to invest in yourself without exploiting or displacing the existing community, current debates in zoning and development and SO MUCH MORE. Stay tuned!

Check out Dominique’s real estate services at

Impeachment Extended with Jim Becker

Hey ya’ll! Here’s the extended conversation with Jim Becker for those of you who want even more of the details on this Trump/Ukraine scandal. We’ve also got some links provided by Jim for further context, like some of the transcripts and text messages he refers to in the episode.


The texts setting up the Trump call and outlining the quid pro quo:

More info on Naftogatz, the Ukrainian natural gas company that Lev Parnas and Igor Fuman were trying to take control of:
The indictment of Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, arrested trying to flee the U.S. after lunch with Guliani:

Elizabeth Warren Trolls Facebook

This week Steve Discourse and Jay Calli touch bases on the Chicago teacher strike, homelessness, and the tragic police killing of Atatiana Jefferson.

We also ask why Elizabeth Warren is trolling Mark Zuckerberg and should Facebook be fact checking political ads, or just rake in the cash?


We also ALSO ask our political analyst Jim Becker to try and give us all the details on the Impeachment Inquiry without really giving us ALL the details cause there’s A LOT to sift through.

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Artificial Intelligence Moderating Your DMs!

*drumroll please*

YES that’s right, hosts Steve Discourse and Jay Calli are BACK with their long awaited, anticipated, highly demanded, triumphant return to podcasting! (now on Spotify!)

In this week’s episode we discuss the most recent Trump social media scandal and the tragic and confusing fallout from the Amber Guyger murder verdict. We also explore the connection between rent prices and homelessness, and ask if it makes any sense AT ALL for Artificial Intelligence to be faking like humans in your comments section.

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War with Iran for No Fxxkin Reason???

What up family! This week National Security Advisor John Bolton is really trying to start a war with Iran… to keep from crying we laugh at his ugly mug.

We also gotta dig into these abortion ban bills, and we answer the question: why is the US birthrate hitting a 32 year record low???

And you CAN’T MISS our one person conversation about Game of Thrones!

What more would you need from a podcast??????

Is Joe Biden even worth it?

We’re back again with another round of the best political analysis on the web!

You’ll never guess if Joe Biden announced he’s running for President! (hint: he did)

Elizabeth Warren lays out the plan to forgive all that damn student debt that won’t leave you alone.

 How grocery shopping is killing the environment! LOL.

And a couple more stories too important to mention here! Stay after the end to hear our very special Avengers: Endgame spoiler convo!!!

Trump Verses the Cancer Windmills

Ok listen up folks! …wait don’t listen, it might not be safe. According to Donald Trump, the sound from wind turbines can give us cancer!

Instead of listening, read the transcript of this week’s episode. Steve Discourse and Jay Calli discuss:

-The legacy and pitfalls of Nipsey Hussle,

-How 2 biker gangs murdered 7 people and got off scott free,

-getting spied on by Air BnB

-and how your cute little tote bags apparently won’t save us from total annihilation!

Don’t worry we’ll be alright!