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Cardi B vs Jussie: Scandal Championships

Ladiiiiiiieesss and Gentelemaaaaaan! This week we have a world class heavy weight bout! Will challenger Cardi B’s history of robbery earn her the Championship Scandal Belt or will Jussie Smollet’s recent freedom be enough retain the crown?

In other news, Florida thinks girls can be too immature to have an abortion, but mature enough to raise a child???

Trump’s cockamamie plan to tear down Obamacare

And Robert Mueller’s report… is still hanging in the air.

The Mueller mixtape: Poppin, or nah???

Once again, its on!!! Steve Discourse and Jay Calli are back to serve up hot takes and deep cuts.

On Friday, Robert Mueller dropped his much anticipated mixtape, I mean report, on potential Russian collusion during the 2016 election campaign. Is it a bomb or a dud?

Indiana police treat teachers like hostages to “train” them for mass shooter scenarios.

Asian actresses are stealing all the good roles from white actors.

Trump just might have the solution to bloated college tuition??? See his 10-point plan here.

And more! Don’t miss it!

What’s Justice? R Kelly, Paul Manafort and Minimum Wages

Family! Welcome back with us for another episode! This week we really ask: what is justice?

Is Paul Manafort’s 47 month sentence justice, or is he getting off easy?

R Kelly is catching all the heat while others have gotten off easier. Is that justice?

People’s WALLETS need some justice! Democrats want to raise the minimum wage, while Whole Foods cut back employee hours.

Escaping domestic violence can cost high fees for early rental termination. Arkansas tries to bring some justice to those fleeing abuse.

Finally what is justice when police harm civilians? A Florida officer is convicted of manslaughter, meanwhile officers in California and New York City dodge murder and rape charges.

The Green Book, the Cohen Testimony and Fear of an LGBT Planet

AAAAYYYEE!!! We’re back again with more heat!

The Oscars, in honor of Black History Month, tried to shed its “so white” reputation, but not without controversy!

Trump’s long time lawyer and “fixer” Michael Cohen finally made his appearance before Congress and it was… pointless????

Kim Jong Un owns Trump at the nuclear summit: still got their nukes and Trump publicly sides with Kim instead of the family of Otto Warmbier who was tortured by N Koreans and later died.

Finally, LGBT rights took a few hits as progress in Alaska and within the United Methodist Church fall short.