Davey D is a self described HipHop historian and journalist. I originally reached out to Davey to get his take on several subjects I had in mind. What resulted is a compelling historical account of the development of HipHop culture and the role politics has played in cultivating and inspiring the movement as well as corrupting and exploiting it. In many ways the story of HipHop mirrors the cultural and social debates and trends of the United States of America these past 40 years. In this interview Davey D provides a rare and unique testimony from a HipHop head that was born, grew up, learned and changed along with the culture we all love, claim and battle over.

After listening, be sure to hit up my facebook page (facebook.com/djdiscourse) and leave me some feedback. This conversation is nothing without the ideas and conversations that it will inspire.

(The studio was packed the day we did had the convo and a couple loose wires and whatnot resulted in some minor unwanted background noise. My bad! I hope ya’ll can vibe anyways)

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