Interview: Davey D on HipHop and Politics

Davey D is a self described HipHop historian and journalist. I originally reached out to Davey to get his take on several subjects I had in mind. What resulted is a compelling historical account of the development of HipHop culture and the role politics has played in cultivating and inspiring the movement as well as corrupting and exploiting it. In many ways the story of HipHop mirrors the cultural and social debates and trends of the United States of America these past 40 years. In this interview Davey D provides a rare and unique testimony from a HipHop head that was born, grew up, learned and changed along with the culture we all love, claim and battle over. Continue reading → Interview: Davey D on HipHop and Politics

Interview: Nikki Lynette

Nikki Lynette is a badass Chicago based musician. I want to call her a rapping, singing HipHop artist but she doesn’t like to be boxed in to just HipHop or any one genre. Her music spans influences including punk rock, HipHop and pop. She has two mixtapes called Roses and Guns: The Totally Badass Mixtape that Rocks and Roses and Guns 2: The BADDER ASSED Mixtape that Rocks and an EP entitled The Strong Survive. But she’s multi-talented ya’ll: not only did she write, produce and perform the entire EP, she sings, raps, and regularly contributes columns to Continue reading → Interview: Nikki Lynette

Interview: Spectac and Shakim

Rapper Spectac and DJ Shakim team up with HipNott Records on a project that’s strictly “For the People.” The two veterans are long time friends, but this is a first time collab on a project that brings back a vibe reminiscent of Zulu Nation style. The album is full of wisdom, insight, and smooth melodies and still manages to pack in a dope posse cut featuring Skyzoo and Sha Stimuli among others. Check the interview and then the first single “Moment of Truth” after the conversation.

Interview: Murs

Murs is currently on the bus on his Road to Paid Dues tour. During his trip to Miami, Murs took some time out to tell DJ DISCourse about his recent projects, his inspirations for creating music. The So Cal native also shares his take on the Chris Dorner violence.

Interview: Soul Khan’s Psalm EP

Last December I caught up with Soul Khan on the release date of his latest project, the Psalm EP. Tune in to check out the inspiration for his recent work. SK spits an ode about his love for the women in his life on the EP’s first single, “Not Like Them,” and kicks a little game about why the women in our lives need a little more respect.

Not Like That

The Machine

Interview: Drique London

I recently got on the call with NC lyricist Drique London. The Queens influenced artist described the variety of funk out in his home city Raleigh and the new EP Payton & Kemp. The project is mostly backed by U’Nique Music’s smooth soulful beats, giving you a glimpse into the rapper’s background and influences. Check the interview and here Drique’s take on the state of HipHop and more. Peace!!!!

Download the Payton and Kemp EP


Interview: Dave Zirin

I recently caught up with sports journalist Dave Zirin on the week of his latest released book, Game Over: How Politics has Turned the Sports World Upside Down. He’s the sports editor for The Nation, runs his own blog Edge of Sports, in addition to his many books about the politics of Muhammad Ali and John Carlos, and a ton of other topics where “sports and politics collide.” What I attempt to do on my show is an intersection of HipHop and politics so I asked Dave Zirin about how HipHop has influenced his career. He answered by telling me stories of seeing Common perform in the Chi in 1994, kickin it on the block with Tribe and the legacy of political and social defiance. The new book looks at how our favorite sports teams are the mask that disguises some crazy political corruption and deceit. Check this interview then cop the new book, Game Over.

Interview: J Pinder

J Pinder 2CarelessCareless Redux


I recently caught up with the Northwest-bred spitter J Pinder. His album Careless (released May 2012) featured production from Seattle veterans like Jake One and Vitamin D as well as Kuddie Fresh and NYC based !llMind, but don’t think this Pinder’s an average rapper riding off glorious beats. No, J Pinder is anything but that. His musical vision drives him to apply intensive post-production work on even the heavyweights. This is one artist we all need to watch in the future.

The new mixtape Careless Redux mixed by DJ Skee is available for download now and includes several extra tracks not featured on the original Careless album. Make sure ot check it out!

Track: Never No

Interview: Soul Khan, Wellstone EP

My first convo with Soul Khan has been collecting dust and realized I better throw it up here. Last March we spoke on the release day of his EP Welstone, named after the late Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone, who was an icon to many for his progressive politics and solidarity with working class people.

On December 11th 2012 Khan’s new EP, Psalm, is set to drop. I’ll be speaking to him about it on my show that same day (and I’ll be sure to get the interview up here son after). For now, check out this interview and go download the Wellstone EP!