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Interview: Rashad and Confidence

If you haven’t heard The Element of Surprise yet, you’ve been missing out on a modern reincarnation of classic HipHop spirit. Rashad and Confidence met through MySpace to bring it back all the way to the early 90’s. The Element of Surprise is destined to be a classic album and will be bumped from front to back for decades to come!

Apologies for the abrupt start to the interview. My first question noted that Rashad is from NYC and Confidence is from Philly: so how did they meet?

DJ Nu-Mark Interview on WRGP Radiate FM


What’s good Heads!

I recently caught up with DJ Nu-Mark, formerly the backbone of Jurassic 5. He shares with us some inspirations behind his new project, the 6-part release Broken Sunlight series and how a grown man can still have fun playing with children’s toys. Check the interview here and then bounce on over to Nu’s website to check some dope visuals, downloads, vinyls and more!

DJ Nu-Mark Interview