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Interview: Carlos Miller, Not Guilty!

Back in the summer we spoke with Carlos Miller, a Miami based photo-journalist and civil rights activist. He is most well known for documenting 1st Amendment violations by police officers, particularly their habit of illegally confiscating cameras from innocent bystanders.

This happens time and time again in our country and last year Carlos was singled out by Miami Dade police when he was covering an Occupy demonstration near government center, downtown. We discussed this case in our first conversation. Well, a few weeks ago Carlos was found not guilty of the charges laid on him by an apparently malicious Miami PD officer. I caught up with him to get some of the details and ask about the implications of this victory. Also, check out some of the footage from the trial: the accusing cop gets caught in a lie; and the defense’s surprise witness.

Interview: Homeboy Sandman

If you already know of Homeboy Sandman, then you know about his unique, kinda strange personality. You know about the funny ways he describes everyday life. You know about his diverse repertoire of flows. And you may know that some of the dopest flows homie has ever kicked weren’t even on a record: they were for Huffington Post. That’s right, Homeboy can mix it up with the best journalists and public intellectuals in the biz too.

In this interview, the NYC lyricist discussed his Pop’s unique career paths, switching from skilled boxer to successful lawyer and how that influenced his life. I also ask him about issues like this, this and this, which Homeboy has written about for Huffington Post. Sandman really dropped some jewels on this one, putting his unique perspective on issues like politics, trends in popular HipHop and more. Be warned, this shit is definitely Bigger Than…

Interview: MeRCY- @MeRCYmuzic


Last week Broward rapper MeRCY came through the studio to discuss his series of projects called The Prestige 1, 2, and the upcoming 3. He didn’t really let on too much about the new project but we did find out about homey’s influences and roots and what he likes to do on the mic. Find out for yourself:

MeRCY Interview:


Interview: Producer: Mind Labs

Yo yo,

I recently sat down with the super tight producer Mind Labs, outta Kendall and reppin that Cutler Ridge. This hard working producer isn’t playing around bonking ABC beats though. He knows the musical theory behind good production and he can also bless you with that tight engineering work too. Mind Labs is no slouch. Peep his game:

Mind Labs Interview


Interview: Miami’s Sekajipo Genes

Back in June the Liberian born, Miami raised MC and songwriter Sekajipo came through the studio to discuss his music and his work with the organization Preserving Archiving and Teaching HipHop (PATH), which offers workshops and programs for kids to learn the history and elements of this culture.

Interview: Carlos Miller- Photography is not a Crime

From the dawn of its existence, HipHop has been nearly inseparable from a struggle for social and economic justice. Like the Panthers who defied corrupt law enforcement in order to better their community, HipHop continued the fight against a system that vilified and punished people for standing up for their rights. Today Carlos Miller continues that fight as a photojournalist, citizen-activist and owner/author of the blog Photography is not a Crime (PINAC). Carlos came through the studio to talk about photography and technology as a weapon for asserting our rights and how the people can keep our leaders accountable to US.

Interview: Miami’s Soarse Spoken

Whaddup HipHop folks,

Fire for the People recently caught up with Miami’s own Soarse Spoken. He, Punch3nello and the Radiate FM veteran, alumni and badass DJ Sharpsound stopped by the studio to bless us with cuts form the new project and some freestyle too boot. The mixtape Starve the Hunger drops Tuesday October 16th. The project features tracks with J NICS, Burn and Wrekonize of !Mayday! and the Homeboy Sandman! Be sure to cop that and get down with that homegrown goodness.

Interview and freestyles:

Starve the Hunger ft Fat Tony, Homeboy Sandman and Punch3nello

Coming From ft J NICS

Thieves in the Room ft Bernz and Wrekonize of !Mayday!

Interview: Brother Ali

Last week Brother Ali dropped his new album Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color. This project is one of those landmark protest albums of HipHop. In my recent interview with Ali, we discuss Kendrick Lamar, the pro’s and con’s of voting, the necessity of civic engagement, the state of America, and basically what makes ya big brethren tick. Check it out!

Numonics at it Again!

The South Florida beatsmith Numonics blesses fans with yet another project in a year the producer promises to release 10 albums! This time around on the Finona Apple Project, he’s remixed 5 tracks and blessed the songstress with his unique HipHop vision. Also check my interview with Reks and Numonics last July on the release day of Rebelutionary. If you haven’t heard this album yet, you’re missing out on some of the best social commentary in HipHop, some of the dopest beats and some killer flows!

Download Numonics: The Fiona Apple Project

Reks and Numonics Interview with DJ DISCourse: