If you already know of Homeboy Sandman, then you know about his unique, kinda strange personality. You know about the funny ways he describes everyday life. You know about his diverse repertoire of flows. And you may know that some of the dopest flows homie has ever kicked weren’t even on a record: they were for Huffington Post. That’s right, Homeboy can mix it up with the best journalists and public intellectuals in the biz too.

In this interview, the NYC lyricist discussed his Pop’s unique career paths, switching from skilled boxer to successful lawyer and how that influenced his life. I also ask him about issues like this, this and this, which Homeboy has written about for Huffington Post. Sandman really dropped some jewels on this one, putting his unique perspective on issues like politics, trends in popular HipHop and more. Be warned, this shit is definitely Bigger Than…

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